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Pathoplex HIV, HBV, HCV

Qualitative RT-PCR Detection Kit

for detecting HIV 1 & HIV 2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C in Whole Human Blood, Serum, & Plasma of Clinical Samples.

Developed Under

Start-Up India Seed Fund Scheme


Master Mix

Multiplex TaqMan RT-PCR Assay

Primers And Probes

Turnaround Time

High-Quality Takara MasterMix with Increased Inhibitor Tolerance, Enhanced Thermostability, Highly Specific, enables efficient PCR Amplification and supports reverse transcription.

Multiplex, Single-tube, TaqMan RT-PCR Assay for Multiple detections in a single reaction.
The kit includes a RNaseP as a human endogenous control to confirm the extraction of biological samples.

Primer and Probe targets for HIV, HBV & HCV detection are short sequences of genes encoding gag, spike protein, and polyproteins respectively.

PCR Run Time is 90 Minutes

Product Name

Pathoplex HIV, HBV, HCV Qualitative RT-PCR Detection Kit

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