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HCV Quantitative RT-PCR Detection Kit.png

HCV Quantitative

RT-PCR Detection Kit

A single-tube, multiplex, TaqMan probe-based PCR Assay for reliable viral load monitoring (quantitation) of HCV in clinical samples by detecting the target gene (polyprotein).


Multiplex TaqMan RT-PCR Assay



Turnaround Time

Additional Steps

Turnaround Time


Compatible RT-PCR Instruments

Single-Tube, Multiplex, TaqMan RT-PCR Assay: Exclusively specific quantitation of HCV

The kit also includes a human endogenous control to confirm the extraction of biological samples.

High-Quality Takara MasterMix shows Increased Inhibitor Tolerance, Enhanced Thermostability, Highly Specific, enables E cient PCR Amplification

Supports reverse transcription.

No Additional cDNA preparation steps are required.

Turnaround Time is 90 Minutes.

Works with Whole Blood, Plasma, or Serum.

Open Platform Kit that is Compatible with all RT-PCR Instruments.

Product Name

HCV Quantitative RT-PCR Detection Kit

RxN (Pack Size)

100 Rxns


Cat #

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