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JAK2 V617F

Mutation Detection RT-PCR Kit

for sensitive and specific detection of JAK2 (Janus Kinase 2) V617F allele in DNA samples with Beta Actin as an internal control.


Multiplex Real-Time PCR

Mighty Mastermix

Turnaround Time

Varied Specimens


Single-Tube, Multiplex Real-Time PCR Assay for detection of JAK2 (Janus Kinase 2) V617F allele in genomic DNA against a background of Wild Type Allele.

High-Quality Takara Mastermix shows Increased Inhibitor Tolerance, Thermostability, and Reproducibility

Turnaround Time within 70 Minutes

Works with Whole Blood EDTA.

Open Platform kit - Compatible with all RT-PCR Instruments.

Product Name

JAK2 V617F Mutation Detectin RT-PCR Kit

RxN (Pack Size)

100 Rxns


Cat #

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