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HBV Quantitative RT-PCR Detection Kit.png

HBV Quantitative

RT-PCR Detection Kit

A single-tube, Multiplex TaqMan Assay for Viral Load Monitoring (Quantitation) of Hepatitis B Virus in Whole Blood, Plasma, or Serum by Detecting the Target Gene (Spike Protein) of HBV.


Multiplex TaqMan RT-PCR Assay


Primers And Probes

Turnaround Time


Compatible RT-PCR Instruments

Single Tube, Multiplex TaqMan RT-PCR Assay for Quantitation of HBV in Plasma, serum, and whole blood, with Beta-actin as an internal control.

High-Quality Takara MasterMix that shows Increased Inhibitor Tolerance, Enhanced Thermostability, High Specificity and enables E cient PCR Amplification

The primer and probe targets for HBV are short sequences of genes encoding capsule

Turnaround Time is 70 minutes

Works with Whole Blood, Plasma, or Serum.

Compatible with all Real-Time PCR instruments with FAM, and TEXAS RED/ROX dyes.

Product Name

HBV Quantitative RT-PCR Detection Kit

RxN (Pack Size)

100 Rxns


Cat #

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