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BCR-ABL-1 Quantitative RT-PCR Kit - Major.png

BCR-ABL-1 Quantitative

RT PCR Kit - Major


IS quantitative, one-step RT-PCR for quantifying the IS ratios of BCR-ABL  Major (M-BCR) p210 transcript in CML patient samples.

Evaluates the molecular response up to 5 log reduction. The reporting is based on European Treatment and Outcome Study (EUTOS) guidelines and European Leukemia Net (ELN) recommendations

The quantitation standards provided are with known copy numbers and are calibrated against WHO 1st International Genetic Reference Panel for the quantitation of BCR-ABL1 translocation (09/138) for assigning IS values to a measured level of BCR ABL/ABL %.

The kit supports reverse transcription. No additional cDNA steps are required.

The minor BCR-ABL1 and micro BCR-ABL1 are reported in NCN%.

High-Quality Reverse transcriptase and Taq HS in the Mastermix show Increased Inhibitor Tolerance, Thermostability, and Reproducibility.

PCR run time:  90 Minutes

Works with RNA extracted from Whole Blood EDTA and Bone Marrow Aspirates

Product Name

BCR-ABL-1 Quantitative RT-PCR Kit - Major

RxN (Pack Size)

  • 100 Rxns

  • 50 Rxns

  • 25 Rxns


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