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OEM Manufacturing

By choosing NeoDx as your partner for OEM collaboration, you get complete end-to-end IVD manufacturing services, allowing you to gain the benefit of manufacturing efficiency, and lower costs.

We offer our clients, Competitive Pricing, Risk Identification & Precise Mitigation Strategy, Transparent Ownership, and Responsibility Process, with Clear-Cut Timelines & Joint Review of Deliverables throughout the OEM development process.

With an ISO 13485:2016 Certified Production Facility & a streamlined process, we manufacture, from a pilot batch to full-scale commercial production,  and everything in-between.

Features Include:

  • Triple batch validation to ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards. 

  • Support from our Seasoned R&D Team

  • Adaptable solutions to work towards broadening your Product Portfolio

Our full range of manufacturing services covers

  1. Manufacture

    • In-Vitro Diagnostic Kits for Infectious, Oncology and Genetic Disorders. 

    • Buffers & Reagents

    • Extraction Kits

    • Lateral Flow Assay/Point-of-Care Devices

  2. Every Product undergoes Triple batch manufacturing completed with Detailed Records. 

  3. Our Manufacturing practices comply with ISO-13485 Standards, thereby assuring best manufacturing practices are followed to meet customer and appropriate regulatory requirements. 

  4. Development of detailed QC procedures

Want to know more about our Manufacturing Services?
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