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HBV Qualitative Detection Kit.png

HBV Qualitative

RT-PCR Detection Kit

is an invitro multiplex RT-PCR assay for specific detection of Hepatitis B virus in Patient Samples.


Multiplex TaqMan RT-PCR Assay



Target Detection

Turnaround Time


Compatible RT-PCR Instruments

Single-Tube, Multiplex Real-Time RT-PCR for detection of Human Hepatitis B Virus

High-Quality Takara Mastermix with Increased Inhibitor Tolerance, Thermostability, and Reproducibility.

The Limit of Detection is 10 Copies/μL

Targets detected are short sequences of capsule protein

Turnaround Time is 70 minutes

Works with whole Blood, Serum, or Plasma

Open Platform Kit that is compatible with all RT-PCR Instruments.

Product Name

HBV Qualitative RT-PCR Detection Kit

RxN (Pack Size)

100 Rxns


Cat #

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